Gas mask training has been falsely marketed to athletes as a ‘hypoxic training aid’, even though the composition of air filtered through the mask and into the lungs is the same as outside air.

The term ‘science’ is derived from the Latin scientia, or scire, for ‘know’, so by practicing science, one should gain knowledge of the natural world; but this notion is not entirely correct. Defining the term ‘science’ does not easily reconcile the issue, for most definitions fail to exclude clear examples of non-scientific activities, like Astrology; or worse, fail to include clear cases of good science.

Most would agree that the field of strength and conditioning (S&C) is perhaps more accessible to the layperson than physics, biology or chemistry. This is not to imply the field is any less scientific, but it probably means that the field of S&C must work harder than other disciplines to differentiate itself from pseudoscience. So, a role of science in the field of S&C, and on this website, is to separate the good from the bad. The case of the Power Balance Bracelet is an example of this.