The term ‘science’ is derived from the Latin scientia, or scire, for ‘know’, so by practicing science, one should gain knowledge of the natural world; but this notion is not entirely correct. Defining the term ‘science’ does not easily reconcile the issue, for most definitions fail to exclude clear examples of non-scientific activities, like Astrology; or worse, fail to include clear cases of good science.

Most would agree that the field of strength and conditioning (S&C) is perhaps more accessible to the layperson than physics, biology or chemistry. This is not to imply the field is any less scientific, but it probably means that the field of S&C must work harder than other disciplines to differentiate itself from pseudoscience. So, a role of science in the field of S&C, and on this website, is to separate the good from the bad. The case of the Power Balance Bracelet is an example of this.