“Small sided games,” used effectively in many team sports as a form of training, can be mimicked in combat sports by fighting at different subjective intensities, based on adjectives proposed by coaches.


Karate is one the most popular combat sports in the world. Physical fitness assessment on a regular manner is important for monitoring the effectiveness of the training program and the readiness of karatekas to compete.

Karate is a public sport that has athletes in various age ranges and abundant active sport clubs in Iran. The pattern of injury in this sport in Iranian athletes seems different from other countries.

The research was conducted with the aim of determining gender differentiations of some anthropological characteristics of male and female cadet karate players.

This study aimed to evaluate the relationship between physiological, and parameters of performance analysis during karate contest.


Nine elite-level karate athletes participated in this study. Saliva sample was collected pre and post-karate combat.

Karate is a martial art that carries a high trauma risk. Trauma-related Swiss and European karate data are currently unavailable.

Training in martial arts is commonly performed by repeating a technical action continuously for a given number of times.