Movement patterns in MMA

The aim of this study was to compare time-motion and technical-tactical analysis between paired outcomes and rounds of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) matches. The sample consisted of 645 rounds of MMA competition paired by outcomes (1 round, winners n=215 and losers n=215; 2 round, winners n=215 and losers n=215; 3 round, winners n=215 and losers n=215).

The time-motion variables were categorized into low or high intensity, stand-up or groundwork situations. Stand-up techniques were analyzed by observing total strikes to the head and body, and takedowns.

The actions on the ground were analyzed by observing submission activity, including successful choking and joint locking actions, as well as positional improvements, including advances to the mount, half guard, side and back positions.Chi-squared and Wilcoxon tests were conducted with a significance level of p≤0.05.

Results showed that winners had higher values for total strikes and submissions in all rounds, as well as positional improvements, over losers.

The standing combat with low intensity comparisons presented differences between the rounds 1, with a median of 2:33.5(P25%-P75%: 1:20-3:56) min, 2, with 2:37(1:24; 3:59) min, and 3, with 2:07 (1:06; 3:39.2) min.

The present data suggest a focus on the intermittent demand presented in combat phases with a special attention to the strike and ground technical-tactical skills, strength and conditioning coaches could emphasize the effort pause ratios for both standing and ground combat that mimic the requirements of MMA especially during the third round.


J Strength Cond Res. 2015 Dec 11. [Epub ahead of print] COMPARISONS TECHNICAL-TACTICAL AND TIME-MOTION ANALYSIS OF MIXED MARTIAL ARTS BY OUTCOMES. Miarka B1, Vecchio FB, Camey S, Amtmann J. 11Superior School of Physical Education, Federal University of Pelotas, 2Statistic Department, Mathematic Institute, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, 3Safety, Health and Industrial Hygiene Department, University of Montana.


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